Love One Another Foundation – Clean Water Seminar

Suggested Price: $100.00

Help the foundation’s staff to provide clean water seminars in impoverished communities. The seminars give instruction on health risks of drinking contaminated water and offer inexpensive alternatives such as gas options for boiling water.


Love one another with brotherly affection. Honor one another above yourselves.

Romans 12:10

The scriptures in Genesis 41 tell us of Joseph’s relationship with Pharaoh, a non- believer, and how Joseph found favour in Pharaoh’s sight, after the power of God through him, saved their land from a devastating famine. Joseph and Pharaoh’s relationship serves as a great example of the barriers that can be broken down when people of different faith backgrounds are exposed to one another through their beliefs.

In a context with religious tension and poverty, the Love One Another ministry seeks to bring well-being and healing through a variety of community programs.  The goal is to empower the community in sustainable ways. ‘Showing others how’ is a core principal of the Love One Another ministry.

An important aspect of this work is to build relationships by bringing young people together in order to see barriers lowered between the church and the majority faith community. Peace camps and other similar events help to facilitate such interaction in an atmosphere of mutual respect and interest. Christian young people are trained to reach out so that deep friendships can be fostered between people of different faiths.


Pray that those who follow the majority religion would be drawn to Christ through dialogue, compassionate action and the testimony of local believers.