Human Rights and Emergency Fund – Assistance for Persecuted Christians

Your contribution will help provide financial support to persecuted Christians in crisis. Funds will be used to assist with relocation, legal costs, and emergency medical care such as hospitalization, trauma counselling, and medicine.

A decision to follow Jesus often has harsh and even fatal consequences. Religious persecution is on the rise in the Middle East and North Africa. Most of the persecution is committed by families and by people of differing belief systems. There is no legal protection when a charge of apostasy is made, everything is taken away by the authorities; including identity papers, bank accounts, and possessions. Marriages are even annulled and custody of children is taken away. Fleeing is often the only recourse because, once arrested and found guilty by the courts, harsh imprisonment and even a death sentence are sure to follow. Our Silk Road team works with a network of agencies who assist those who are seeking to escape these realities.

Suggested Price: $100.00