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My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.

ISAIAH 32:18

In Isaiah 32, God speaks of how He will faithfully bring justice to the earth as His Spirit is poured out. He promises that His people will dwell peacefully in safety, security, and quietness.

“God is great all the time,” says Netsa Seb*, a sponsored refugee who has found hope for a better life in Canada. Netsa Seb arrived this past year, with his wife and son, to a welcoming community, housing, and everything his family needed.

After enduring imprisonment without trial in his home country, Netsa Seb was abducted outside a refugee camp and was held as a hostage for many years. With the sponsorship from an Alliance church, and settlement assistance provided by a dedicated team of volunteers, this family has begun to rebuild their lives. Netsa Seb reflects that he now feels safe and that Canada has become his home.

The faithful direction and provision of God is evident in this sponsorship story, and in many like it. The C&MA is a national Sponsorship Agreement Holder with the Canadian Government which provides opportunities for local churches to engage in assisting refugee families to resettle in Canada.

*Name changed for protection of privacy. Netsa Seb means “free man” in Tigrinya.


Pray for hope and peace for those who continue to wait during the sponsorship process. Pray for an easy transition for Canadian newcomers and that they would continue to be surrounded by caring and supportive communities. Pray that God’s justice would be displayed as the church seeks to offer security and safety to those who are displaced and that He would divinely orchestrate  each sponsorship as He sees fit.