Tarahumara Project

Your financial gift will enable this isolated community to continue to work towards wholeness and well-being.

Suggested Price: $100.00


He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry…

PSALM 146:7

The Tarahumara are a very shy and quiet indigenous people who were historically, abusively pushed back into the desolate Copper Canyon of Mexico. The Mexican Alliance’s ministry is seeing a breakthrough of spiritual, relational, and physical healing. However, disease, death, and abuse of women and girls continues to be an everyday reality.

There is renewed hope as local churches implement development initiatives that are bringing wholeness to the community of Guaycavo. A small medical centre and a women’s shelter have been established. There is an educational initiative for children. New food sources have been established through the development of green houses, grain crops, fruit trees, goats, chickens, as well as an aquaponics tank to raise trout.


Pray that God will nurture an understanding of love and hope in this community, where the local language does not have a word for these concepts.