Beautiful Gate Ministry

Your gift will enable Beautiful Gate Church to provide food and lodging to villagers coming to the city for medical care, as well as, follow-up pastoral care, encouragement, and support in local villages.

Suggested Price: $50.00


Great crowds came to him, bringing the lame, the blind, the crippled, the mute and many others, and laid them at his feet; and he healed them…Jesus called his disciples to him and said, “I have compassion for these people; they have already been with me three days and have nothing to eat. I do not want to send them away hungry, or they may collapse on the way.”
MATTHEW 15: 30,32

The plight of the disabled so often goes unheeded in the developing world. Beautiful Gate Church meets the needs of villagers who suffer extreme poverty and disabilities and are required to travel great distances for medical treatment. The church provides food and lodging to patients and family members who accompany them.

Many of these villagers come to church services during their lengthy stays, and many return to their villages with newfound faith in Christ; new churches have been established as a result. Beautiful Gate’s ministry extends further as pastoral teams make regular visits to villages providing preaching, discipleship, baptism, and leadership training.

Pray that more people will come to faith in Christ through the work of the Beautiful Gate ministry. Pray also for the spiritual growth of these new and developing churches. Finally, pray for the safety of the leaders as they travel to remote villages.