South Thailand Ministry – Child Advocacy Center Support Bag

Your gift will assist in proving small gift bags given to children in abusive situations who are interviewed at the Child Advocacy Center.

Suggested Price: $25.00


”…spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.”

ISAIAH 58:10

Women and children are bought and sold, exploited and trafficked, tricked and oppressed throughout the island of Phuket—one of the world’s top sex tourism destinations. In a culture where good things only happen if you are “good enough”, and where a gift is always reciprocated, the concept of Christ’s free and sacrificial love is unfathomable. Yet, Christ is the only one who can change systems of exploitation and breathe the light of life into this darkness.
The Christian and Missionary Alliance’s For Freedom International team is currently the only faith-based organization in Southern Thailand that is seeking to end human trafficking, and it is a  privilege to offer support and care in Jesus’ name. The Freedom Outreach & Intervention Project, provides opportunity to build relationships with women entangled in the red-light district, offer housing for women who choose to change their lives through the vocational training program, and shows love to children who have suffered abuse and have come to the Child Advocacy Center. Trafficking is a complex and messy issue, but with Jesus, there is always hope and healing.



Pray that the light of Christ would flood the areas of Southern Thailand where exploitation, oppression, and immorality thrive. Pray that God’s lifegiving presence will transform the hearts of those who sell and buy others, and that the hearts of those who are commodified would be renewed through love of God.