Empowering Women

Helping these prisoners needs full-time trained staff members. One month’s wage and transportation for one staff member is approximately $250.

Suggested Price: $100.00


I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.


The Empowering Women Ministry is impacting the lives of women in Guinean prisons, like M’binty. M’binty regularly traveled to the capital city of Conakry to buy merchandise to sell in her neighbouring country. On one of these trips she was falsely accused of stealing a large sum of money. She was taken to a local prison with no way of contacting her family. After three weeks of not returning home, the family, wrongly informed that she was dead, performed her funeral. While in prison she began to attend Bible studies and made a decision to follow Christ. Another prisoner, from her home country, was released and at the prompting of the prison ministry worker, he contacted M’binty’s family to tell them he knew their daughter was not dead.

The miraculous answer to the ministry team’s prayers came when, suddenly, the accuser showed up to the prison and confessed he had made up the entire story. After spending six long months, she was released and returned home and began attending a local church. Others in her family have also given their lives to Jesus.


Pray for God to give the prison ministry team wisdom, discernment, favor, and resources to help more people like M’binty find spiritual and physical freedom.