Guinea Radio Project – Biblical Program Sponsorship

Your gift will enable this live prayer radio ministry to continue to bless the people of Guinea by spreading the news of a God of love, healing, and hope.

Suggested Price: $50.00


Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop—some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown.

MARK 4:1-20

Renaissance FM is a community radio station in the capital city of Conakry that shares God’s Word to Guinea’s multi-ethnic audience. The FM Broadcast is listened to by 3.5 million people reached through audio streaming, Facebook, and FB-live. Guinea is an underdeveloped country where only 9.8% have Internet access but 98% have a telephone with FM radio access. Radio is an effective way of engaging and reaching the entire country’s listening audience.

A call-in prayer and healing program airs every Thursday and Friday and receives over 350 calls per month. Each call is followed up with an invitation to receive more prayer in person at a ministry centre. Hundreds come regularly.

Kadiatou calls in. She is a widow with three grown children—all university grads without employment. They are destitute. She is prayed for and then comes to the centre for prayer with one son. Later that week this son is given a job at a bank. She comes the following week with the other son and daughter for prayer. Within a few days the son was offered a job in a Ministers office and the daughter also found employment. They gave thanks and attributed this blessing to Jesus and make a commitment to follow Christ.


Pray that the seeds planted in the hearts of the radio audience will draw people to experience the love, healing, and provision of Christ.