Hope for the Broken Hearted – Northern Iraq – Food Packs

A basic food staple pack distributed by the local church to those outside the grid of the larger aid organizations.

Suggested Price: $35.00


But you, Sovereign Lord, help me for your name’s sake; out of the goodness of your love, deliver me. For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me.
PSALM 109:21-22

Shay is a young woman who was not much more than a child when ISIS took her captive, together with thousands of other women and girls, to serve as wives and mistresses to their soldiers. She was bought and sold countless times over 4 years, often fearing for her life. She was set free when an NGO paid for her release in late 2018. Shaken and traumatized to the core, she was reunited with her sister and some distant relatives who were living in a settlement outside of the danger area. However, her wounds ran very deep.

By God’s grace, she heard of Hope Centre, a trauma-informed ministry run by members of the local Alliance church near her community. The four-week program provided her with tools to begin to understand her trauma and  what she could practically do to regain a sense of safety, connectedness, and hope. In community with other women, she experienced the love of Christ through the kindness and care of the staff. Slowly the edge came off the haunted, empty look on her face. She began to engage, to smile, and to even express some hope for the future. Imagine our joy when we recently heard that she was married and making plans for a family of her own, something that had seemed like an impossible dream to her a year and a half earlier.

The Centre is one of the projects that is supported through Hope for the Broken-Hearted.


Pray that God will heal the deep wounds that have been inflicted on the poor, the oppressed, and the traumatized in this part of the world.