Ministry to Refugees in Europe – Outreach and Discipleship

Your support of this program provides: the funds to host events and training seminars throughout Europe that present the truths of the Christian faith for Arabic-speaking refugees, biblically-based language study and cultural integration programs, and emergency dental care for refugees

Suggested Price: $250.00


Though I am free and belong to no one, I have made myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible.

Sam runs a ministry for refugees in Europe. He helps them to integrate into European society and shares his faith with them. He too was a refugee, fleeing for his life from a country where his late wife was murdered by her own father because of their faith. When Sam arrived in Europe, he was adopted by a Christian family who mentored and equipped him for this ministry.

As displaced families continue to make their way to Europe and experience the love and care of Christians, there is a hunger and openness as many have never had a chance to hear the Gospel. Regularly, the question, “Why are you Christians helping us?” is asked as they wrestle with what they had been previously taught about Christianity. Increasingly, refugees are attending outreach meetings throughout Europe that explain the hope of a new life in Jesus Christ and the motivation behind the care they have received. Those who are already believers have their faith strengthened through these ministries.


Pray for those impacted by these program, that as they hear the truth about Christianity, their hearts would be open to embrace the love and grace of Christ.