Brave Heart School – Student Supplies

Your donation will provide a backpack filled with school supplies for one of the thirty students in need.

Suggested Price: $30.00

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Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.

PSALM 25:5

The Huichol people live in the mountains of Jalisco and their rural schools receive little funding from the government. Most school buildings lack specific infrastructure, like electricity and running water. Children walk—up to one hour—through the mountain valleys to go to school. Their parents work the land growing corn, beans, zucchini, and chili peppers; which is often just enough for their family, so they do not have money to buy basic school supplies for their children. About 30% of children in the community do not go to school; however, when a child receives a backpack full of school supplies they get very excited. It motivates the students to continue their education, and it makes their long walk to school easier to manage and carry all that they need for their classes.


Pray that the teachers would develop kind and caring relationships with the students, and the children would come to know God’s deep love for them. Pray that students would continue through high school, and go on to university; enabling them to influence the spiritual and economic value of their community