Impacting Niger – A Brighter Future

Your donation to this program will subsidize the cost of tuition, school supplies, tutoring, and literacy classes to empower a new generation to change their future and their country.

Suggested Price: $50.00

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Always remember this teaching. Don’t forget it. It is the key to life, so guard it well.


Proverbs 4 talks about wisdom—good judgment, good guidance, and instruction. Gaining wisdom is the key to life. Children in Niger do not have the same educational opportunities that are available worldwide. How can the nation of Niger grow without people who can read and write?

The Brighter Future program seeks to break the cycle of poverty in Niger by sending disadvantaged children to school. Niger has one of the greatest illiteracy rates in the world with an estimated 35% of primary-aged children never being enrolled in school. This is particularly true for Tuareg and Fulani in Niger—especially for girls. When girls get an education, their earnings increase, and this allows them to invest back into their families, empowering them for a better future.


Pray that Niger will see an end to the generational cycle of illiteracy andpoverty. Pray blessing on the Tuareg and Fulani by providing ways for them to learn how to read and apply this skill to lift their families out of poverty. Pray that parents will support and encourage their children in education.