Beautiful Gate Ministry – Care and Compassion

Suggested Price: $50.00

Donations will provide food and lodging to villagers coming to the city for medical care, pastoral care, encouragement, and, follow-up support in rural villages.


By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ name and the faith that comes through him that has completely healed him.

ACTS 3:2-11

Acts 3 depicts the miraculous healing of a man, who crippled from birth, was brought to a gate called Beautiful everyday so he could ask for money. Peter and John, having none to give him, instead helped the man up and told him, in Jesus’ name, to get up and walk. Chapter four explains that over 5,000 people believed in Jesus that day, as a result of that one act of healing. It is still true today that the witness of people being restored in the name of Jesus, leads people to believe in Christ.

The Beautiful Gate Church in South Central Asia* aspires to live up to its name by providing food and lodging to villagers coming to the city for medical care, as well as follow-up pastoral care, encouragement, and, support in local villages. Through the Word of God, the workers offer healing to impoverished rural villagers who travel great distances for medical treatment, as well as those living with disabilities experiencing unique challenges and ostracization.  Impoverished single mothers, day laborers, and, those unable to work are also among those who are restored as a result of the ministry at Beautiful Gate.

*Country name has been withheld to protect the safety of International Workers (IWs), and the people they work with.


Pray that more will come to faith in Christ through the work of the Beautiful Gate ministry. Pray also for the spiritual growth of these new and developing village churches and for the safety of the leaders as they travel to these remote areas.