Love One Another – Peace Camp

Sponsor students to attend an interfaith dialogue where they will learn about principles of peace and learn to communicate in meaningful ways.

Suggested Price: $50.00



Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

The Love One Another Foundation (LOAF) seeks the good of the most marginalized through a self-sustaining handicraft employment program and subsidized pre-school education. The goal is to show the love of Christ in a manner that empowers, avoids dependence, and lowers barriers between the church and others of the majority faith community.

The LOAF ministry also hosts Peace Camp weekends that brings together university students from different faiths to facilitate interaction in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. One  outcome goal is to move people past fear into mutual compassion and love. Students experience interfaith dialogue where they learn principles of peace and examine each other’s Holy Books. For many, this experience has provided their first contact with the Bible and its truth. For some students, these camps provide a first opportunity to have meaningful interaction with someone from
another religion.

In addition to the local community work, LOAF also holds an annual retreat to train and equip national workers to reach out to people in wholistic ways throughout their nation. Many national Christians have moved into communities of the majority faith and minister tirelessly—and often alone. This annual event provides much needed refreshing, rejuvenation, and training. Last year over 30 workers serving in 12 different least-reached people groups attended this retreat, returning home with renewed energy and passion to bring God’s blessing to their community.

Pray that a new generation will cross the cultural divide between the church and the majority religion.