Caribbean Island Ministry – Microeconomics


Your donation can provide for small business loans or larger seed grants for projects that will provide funds for national church ministries.



He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord.

In the Caribbean Sun region, extreme poverty is prevalent on one of the islands, particularly in the rural areas.

The Business Training Centre is giving participants the opportunity to overcome economic stress by providing spiritual formation, leadership training, and business skills delivered in three modules throughout the year. Those who successfully apply their learning are given a microloan to start or expand a business.

Student entrepreneurs who have excelled with previous loans are given the opportunity to receive larger loans for projects that generate funds to support national church ministries like church planting and programs for youth and children.

Another way the Island church is addressing poverty is by ministering to those caught in desperate survival behaviours. Some impoverished women are forced to sell themselves. After a government official asked our team to assist women who wanted to leave prostitution, a church started a microbusiness and hired four women, providing them with a salary. The remaining profits are being used by the church to provide food for seniors in the community.


Please pray that God would continue to raise up godly business people, committed to integrity and to meeting the long term economic needs of the Island church. Pray that God would guard them from financial pressures and the temptations that inevitably come their way.